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Betty Bladder front cover The night shift in the Body Village is a relaxing time, but there is always work to be done.

When Betty Bladder finds herself taking in a lot of liquid waste, she does her job to alert Raymond Brain that she needs to release the liquid.

But when Raymond doesn’t respond, she finds herself having to make a difficult decision.

Betty Bladder Makes A Big Decision will teach children about what is happening inside their bodies when they wet the bed, how to help prevent wetting the bed, and why it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

$ 7.99
NURSE_MAIN_COVER Nurse Vaccine visits the Body Village, and Raymond Brain has the unfortunate task of announcing to his fellow residents that they need to get a shot.

This announcement is not received well by his friends.

They don’t like getting shots.

After Raymond informs them of the bad things that could happen if they get sick, they begin to be more open to the idea of getting a vaccine shot.

Nurse Vaccine will show children that while getting a shot does hurt a little, the temporary pain is much better than getting sick.

$ 7.99
Steven the Upset Stomach Cover When Raymond Brain finds the Body Village surrounded by cake, soda, candy, and chips he can’t help but start bringing it all in.

He knows how much these foods please the village’s sense of taste.

What Raymond doesn’t realize is that these delicious foods are very hard for Steven Stomach to break down.

Steven tries as hard as he can but when he finds that it is more than he can handle he gets very upset.

Steven The Upset Stomach shows children that while soda, candy, cake, and chips do please the taste buds, when you have too much you end up upsetting your stomach.

$ 7.99
FINAL - Artie maincover FRONT ONLY Artie Heart loves working in the village of Body.

But one day, he discovers that his friends, Larry and Rosie Lung, Steven Stomach, and Betty Bladder are feeling tired and worn out.

Wanting to help, Artie asks Raymond Brain for some ideas.

Raymond suggests a band called The Vita-Men! Artie’s Party, the first book in the My Body Village series, will teach children about anatomy, health, and the importance of vitamins.

$ 7.99
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