1. How can I best use the books to teach my children about their bodies and living a healthy lifestyle?


The best way to use the books is to read them with your child. Your child will begin to develop a relationship with the characters, which will lead to a better relationship with their body. You can further solidify this relationship by referring to the characters in everyday life. You can ask your child, “Is Betty full?” or “Is Steven feeling upset?” As this relationship grows, your child will begin to think about the choices they make and how these choices affect the “residents” of their body.

2. How can I best use the website to teach my children about their bodies and living a healthy lifestyle?


The website supplements the books by furthering the relationship your child has with their body. You will find fun games, activities, music, images, challenges, and videos that will engage your child and continue the lessons from the books. It’s also a place where you can learn about upcoming books, events, new website material, and articles about children’s health.

3. What is the weekly challenge and how does it work?


We've created a series of week long challenges. These challenges are simple things you and your child can add to your daily routine that will promote a healthy lifestyle. Each challenge is grouped into a theme: Physical Activity, Food, Mind, Family, Community, and Holiday. Ideally you will continue to do some of the challenges long after their week has passed.

4. What’s the best way to contact you about the books and the series?


There is a contact link on the Contact page.  We will always do our best to reply to messages in a timely manner.  If you have a question you can also refer to these FAQs.   We might have the answer you’re looking for right here!

5. When is the next book coming out?


There is always a new book being created.  You can check the website to see what the next book to be published is and when it is scheduled to be released.

6. How many books are there in the My Body Village series?


There are currently four books available.  There are more books scheduled to be released in the near future. Check MyBodyVillage.com often for updates on coming titles.

7. I have a health issue that I would like you to do a book about.  Can I submit a request for the book?


Our company policy does not allow us to accept or consider unsolicited creative ideas, suggestions or materials. In connection with anything you submit to us – whether or not solicited by us – you agree that creative ideas, suggestions or other materials you submit are not being made in confidence or trust and that no confidential or fiduciary relationship is intended or created between you and us in any way, and that you have no expectation of review, compensation or consideration of any type.

8. Is there a My Body Village TV show?


No.  There is not a TV show at this time.

9. I am looking for My Body Village promotional materials for an upcoming event. Can you help?


We offer a variety of activities, iron ons, stickers, images, and more, all available for free download in the Printables section of MyBodyVillage.com. We are always adding new material. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!

10. Do I need permission to photocopy and distribute activities in the Activities section of MyBodyVillage.com to my students/event attendees?


You do not need permission. We encourage you to photocopy and share these materials with your students and at events. However, you cannot reprint elements from a MyBodyVillage activity in another form without requesting permission and copyright information.